Coffee Table Book

For more than a decade, guests have enjoyed partaking of her signature salads and pastas under the luxuriant pergolas and riotously blooming trellises of her English cottage garden. Now, fourteen years after she first opened the gates of her garden to the public, Sonya Garcia takes us on another excursion down her flower-paved path in a delicious coffee table book entitled Sonya’s Secret Garden.

Sonya’s Secret Garden captures the fine details of Sonya’s private sanctuary in 160 pages of lush photographs and luscious prose. Savor the colors, textures, scents, sounds, and flavors. Let your spirit drift towards the table draped with fine linen and copiously laden with freshly picked greens, wantonly ripe fruits, an assortment of toppings, and her secret salad dressing. Let your heart billow towards the warm and fragrant Panaderia or curl into the lush comfort of her spa. Let your limbs nestle in the tranquil solace of her Bed and Breakfast cottages. Published by Clang Garcia, photographed by Keith Sundiang and written by Joan Bulauitan, Sonya’s Secret Garden is a definite feast for the senses.

In this coffee table book, Sonya also shares her fondness for embroidered linens, English bone china wares, perfume bottles, and glass pens gathered from intrepid travels abroad. She reveals sumptuous recipes incorporating garden blooms, herbs and vegetables that will certainly perk up the eyes as well as the taste buds. She imparts tips on the art of laundering and housekeeping. She teaches the art of doing nothing through everyday crafts such as wreath-making and flower arrangement. Best of all, she underscores the value of just being, just allowing life to languidly flow by. “How beautiful it is to do nothing, and then rest afterward,” Sonya often quotes a Spanish proverb. It is wisdom that she has always known and lived.

This book is Sonya’s way of inviting readers to her home. Have a lovely stay.

Sonya’s Secret Garden is available exclusively at Sonya’s Garden. Retail price: P1800/copy. To order: call +63 917-5329097/ +63 917-5335140 or email